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IMF agrees to loan up to $50bn for Argentina

They were joined on 25 March by thousands of pot-banging demonstrators massed around the Buenos Aires Obelisk and the presidential palace. Traditionally, the president is the godfather of the seventh sons or the seventh daughters. This established an executive figure, named Supreme Director, who was vested with presidential powers.

By the end of March both houses of the opposition-controlled Congress had approved the deal and removed the necessary restrictions for it to go through.

And when I have the opportunity to met him, I fall completely in love. A new constitution was drafted in However, YPF was unable to afford the costs to exploit the oil at the site, and the rights to drill at Vaca Muerta were sold to the Chevron Corporation.

All appointments of judges whose age is indicated or over shall be five years and may be repeated indefinitely, by the same procedure. Issues the instructions and regulations necessary for the execution of the laws of the nation, without altering their spirit with regulatory exceptions.

It was organized as a silent demonstration, as an homage to Alberto Nisman, and was devoid of political flags or banners.

The city police estimated that the demonstration was attended bypeople. This was a time of affluence for Argentina. Term duration[ edit ] Under the constitutional amendment, the President serves for four years, with a possibility of immediate reelection for one more term.

Trade unionists were targeted for assassination by the Peronist and Marxist paramilitaries as early asand individual cases of state-sponsored terrorism against Peronism and the left can be traced back to the Bombing of Plaza de Mayo in Under the constitution ofthe President served for six years, with no possibility of consecutive reelection.

It was rejected by many sectors of society. The Kirchners advanced a bill in Congress to make the genetic testing of suspected victims mandatory.

They believe that nahuales are warlocks who make deals with the Devil in order to be able to turn into coyotes to suck people's blood while they sleep. The first conquest, consisted of a series of military incursions into the Pampa and Patagonian territories dominated by the indigenous peoples, [74] distributing them among the members of the Rural Societyfinanciers of the expeditions.

Argentina lost its self-supply of energy, and had to import it, rather than being able to export surpluses. She opted instead to send a bill to Congress for the renationalization of YPFprivatized inblaming the Spanish company Repsol for the energy trade deficit.

One case was related to her allegedly having pocketed government funds earmarked for public works projects. These legends also tell about the way to kill a nahual or Mexican werewolf: The survivors men and women will then turn into Lobisones themselves, but it is quite rare, because most people die in the claws and teeth of these ferocious creatures.

We were in a very weak position. His liberation was forced by a massive popular demonstrationand he went on to win the election. This stipulation was abolished in The Chinantecs say that if the nahual is injured in the battle, but manages to escape, on the day after, the man or woman behind the beast will show scars resulting from the wounds inflicted to them while in animal shape.

President Kirchner, who had undergone brain surgery some weeks before, was hospitalized during the election and unable to join the campaign.

Mauricio Macri

We have to improve the quality of our democracy. That decision prohibited Argentina from making interest payments to those creditors who had agreed to restructuring.

This week, President Obama will be the first U. The Dirty War involved state terrorism in Argentina and elsewhere in the Southern Cone against political dissidents, with military and security forces employing urban and rural violence against left-wing guerrillas, political dissidents, and anyone believed to be associated with socialism or somehow contrary to the neoliberal economic policies of the regime.

Starting with Julio Argentino Roca inten consecutive federal governments emphasized liberal economic policies. These Viceroys were seldom natives of the country. Three bills were controversial: He is the son of one of the wealthiest men in the country, and worked at first in the family real estate and construction business, once making a deal with that other scion of a real estate empire.

The status of earlier military presidents, however, remains more uncertain. The new military leaders wanted Argentina to start building its own industries rather than buy from foreign manufacturers — especially from the United States.

This is what you walked into. Features of the office[ edit ] Requirements[ edit ] Section 90 of the Argentine Constitution establishes the requirements for becoming President.

Organizations that favored the Allies were suspended on the charge that they were communistic. Always on Friday during Lent. The coup leaders spoke of honor, loyalty and of that held dear by totalitarians:.

About the Key Indicators Database. Pew Research Center conducts public opinion surveys around the world on a broad array of subjects ranging from people's assessments of their own lives to their views about the current state of the world and important issues of the day. The President of the Argentine Nation, usually known as the President of Argentina, is the head of state of President is also Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.

The current President is Mauricio was sworn in term on 10 December Argentina's president thinks the US should further sanction the Venezuelan government by blocking the country's oil exports to the US. However, targeting Venezuela's oil industry is considered the.

Argentina's president said Friday that an international search will continue for a submarine carrying 44 crew members that has been lost in the. He is the new president of Argentina, a surprise, come-from-behind victor who has the eyes of the region and the world on him as he tries to pull his country -- the second largest in Latin America Founded: Sep 18, Angola 1 Feb Portuguese colony 11 Jun Portuguese overseas province 11 Nov independence (People's Republic of Angola) 27 Aug Republic of Angola Governors - Luís César de Meneses (b.

President of Argentina

- d. ) - Bernardino de Tavora de Sousa Tavares (b.

Argentina president
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