Ife modakeke crisis

Conflicts arise from the pursuit of divergent interests, goals and aspirations by individuals and or groups in defined social and physical environments Otite, And he is not having his best of times politically. Therefore technically, the two communities are holding the short end of the stick as part of politics of the state is concerned.

Nigeria: Ife, Modakeke Crisis: the Modakekes Raise the Stakes

It was also customary for the storks at the location to chirp and sing the rhyme "Mo-da-ke-ke-ke-ke" which was most of the time heard by the Ifes and it was decided that the new settlement would be called MODAKEKE. Prior to the arrival of the Oyos, Ijesha land extended to the present location of the Palace of the Ooni of Ife.

In fact, they see themselves as being at par with the Ifes in all aspects of life. On both sides, lives have been lost and ironically, even those who should know on the two sides have often allowed sentiment and emotions to run so deep that they blur all their sense of reasoning.

These conflicts have provided a pattern that makes scholars to attribute their causes to greed, power and wealth distribution. Hence ethnicity according to Imobighe should be seen as the feeling of belonging to a distinctive cultural or linguistic group, or a manifestation of ethnic consciousness in relation to other groups.

The Modakekes do not seem to believe that they are still tenants. And that is why the Modakekes might not be helping matters as they are only raising the stakes for peace. Thus, the greatest challenge facing the process of conflict resolution in Nigeria is the issue of maintaining balance among the conflicting parties by the third party preferably the Nigerian Government.

The communal war of December In other words, ethnic groups represent categories of people characterized by cultural symbols including language, value systems and normative behaviour, and whose members are anchored in a particular territory Otite, In regard to the above method, this research depends largely on primary sources especially oral tradition, chants, war songs, official documents from the Osun State Government and from the Federal Republic of Nigeriapictures, and many more.

IFE PsychologIA

The question that must be asked is: Ife Psychologia, 9 3: This study is examining the true role expected of mass media in crisis resolution. Published works on the history of the peoples of Ife and Modakeke were consulted to provide a scholarly guideline on the causes, course and effects of the Ife- Modakeke crisis and its overall implication on peace building in Nigeria.

But he might soon discover that his community might have more than Ife to contend with.

Nigeria: Ife/Modakeke Crises . . . When Will Help Come?

Statement of the Problem Conflict resolution in Nigeria is still in its developmental stage. What we are doing is constitutional and anybody that has contrary view should go to court and seek legal redress. This is why I share the concern and wish of all men and women of goodwill that everything should be done to put an end to these periodic clashes.

This is the state of disorderliness that engulfed the nation Nigeria after general election Resolution: And that is exactly what is at the root of the crisis.

Lagos — In a new twist to the seemingly unending Ife/Modakeke crisis, the Modakekes, having waited in vain for the implementaion of the recommendations of the Bode George led peace panel, decided to create their own local government.

Lagos — In a new twist to the seemingly unending Ife/Modakeke crisis, the Modakekes, having waited in vain for the implementaion of the recommendations of the Bode George led peace panel, decided to create their own local government. Ife-Modakeke crisis – a brief account Ife-Modakeke, is situated in Osun State in the South – West Zone of Nigeria.

The south –West Zone is made up of six States, namely, Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun Ondo,Osun and Oyo States. The Zone is traditionally inhabited by one of.

Studies on the Ife-Modakeke crisis have so far provided historical explanations for the crisis, factors (remote and immediate) that fuelled the crisis as well as steps taken so far by the legal.

History of Ife/Modekeke Crisis.

THE ROLE OF MASS MEDIA IN CRISIS RESOLUTION (A case study of Ife- Modakeke Crisis)

HISTORY OF MODAKEKE Modakeke is a town in Osun State, South West Nigeria, with a population of close to three hundred thousand thesanfranista.com Modakekes are also known as the "Akoraye" and have a history of valor at war and are prosperous farmers.

With the fall of the Oyo Empire to the Fulani, the Yoruba kingdom was. However, Ife East Area Office shares boundaries with Ife Central, Ife North, and Ife East Local Governments. Hence, it has three political wards. The indigenes of Ife East Local Government Area Office, Modakeke-Ife are predominantly Oyo speaking people bounded with .

Ife modakeke crisis
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